Calligraphy Racks: Handmade Paper Size Test

Calligraphy Racks: Handmade Paper Size Test

My fellow stationers (and creative friends), if you are looking for the perfect drying rack, I have just the one for you.

You know when you are handwriting your painstakingly beautiful calligraphy and need to place your place cards or cards somewhere to dry? Or when you are applying gold foil onto multiple sheets of handmade paper (which is already a mess) that needs drying?

Well, the perfect solution is a drying rack! I have purchased and tested quite a few and have found this particular one to be my favourite. Since it's made by a lovely small business in the UK called Keiyosa, let's start off with a little "about them" below. 

Disclaimer: The calligraphy racks product links are affiliate links where you will receive 10% off with code "Kethstudio" entered at checkout on Keiyosa's website. This blog is not sponsored and like all my blog posts, it is only for guidance or reference. The opinions, tips and recommendations I share are personal experiences which will of course differ from everyone else.


About Keiyosa

Keiyosa is a small business owned by Vipul Patel and Shivani Nana, a couple who loves bringing amazing products to life. They are located in the heart of England, where they design, hand make, pack and delivery from. Being sustainable and contributing positively to the environment is extremely important to their brand and integrity. The wood they use are responsibly sourced and often comes from felled trees in the UK. And their packaging is environmentally friendly, recyclable and resueable (of course!). 

(This was paraphrased and taken from their website about page.)

What's a calligraphy or drying rack?

calligraphy rack is a stand with slots that allows you to place or display paper, photographs, any sort of thin medium. It could also be used to store or dry handwritten calligraphy pieces. There are 22 slots in each calligraphy rack so if you have 100 place cards to handwrite calligraphy on, you may need 5 racks. The good thing is, their current rack is smaller than the original which saves more space and easy to store.  



What handmade paper / paper sizes does it fit?

As you can see above, the calligraphy rack fits the place card (70mm by 90mm). It also fits A6, 5x7 and A5 perfectly. I would say it fits any size between place cards to A4 papers. (At the time I didn't test the A4 size but I can definitely say it fits too!) If you want to take a look, scroll down to watch my Instagram reel

Calligraphers and Stationers! The calligraphy rack will help you rest place cards, envelopes and any other paper medium projects that requires drying. A mess free (not mess free if you are working with gold foil as it can get in the crevices but leaves it sparkly with gold leafs) and space saving little tool which is both practical and aesthetically beautiful for your desk.


If you are still deciding then I would say take this opportunity to purchase one! You can take 10% off with code "Kethstudio" entered at checkout or click the link here. Keiyosa offers a range of calligraphy tools such as the "Tilt - Hue Angled Calligraphy Ink Pot Holder" which holds ink pots at a titled angle with a calligraphy holder.

(These two product links are affiliate links where you will receive 10% off the calligraphy rack or tilt. If you have any issues with the discount, please get in touch with me via email.)

For those who have decided to purchase one, I want to thank you in advance. As a small business owner and one-woman show, it means the world! You are also supporting another small business and if you are based in the U.K., supporting local small businesses is the greatest feeling. Don't forget to mention me or Keiyosa on Instagram when you receive it! I would love to see your creative projects.



PRO TIP FOR STATIONERS: Two or three is never too many. Always get more than you need! If you are working in a larger capacity, it is always a good idea to add a few more calligraphy racks to your collection. In case you land a project with a higher paper count to work with, you'll thank me later! 

For those who are planning to order any essentials such as handmade papers, s silk ribbons or wax seal supplies, don't forget to take a look at the store before you go!

Do you have a video I can refer to?

As mentioned above, yes I do! If you are a visual person, you can scroll down and watch the reels from my Instagram. Make sure you bookmark it on Instagram so you can watch it back later. 

I hope this blog post was helpful. Bookmark this blog so you can always come back to it. Please share it with a friend or mention me on Instagram

Much love, Keth ♡




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