Achieve Flat Handmade Paper Deckled Edges

Achieve Flat Handmade Paper Deckled Edges

Handmade papers are beautiful, timeless and an eco-friendly alternative to mass produced papers (even recycled papers!). However, it can be hard to work with especially if you are digitally printing on them for the first time.

I print all my stationery in-house on the handmade papers I supply and believe me... I have had a fair share of sweat and tears figuring out what works and what doesn't. Handmade paper will always be a labour of love. So for this blog, I want to share and focus on how you can achieve flat deckled edges on handmade paper.

Disclaimer: Like all my blog posts, it is only for guidance or reference. The tips we share are personal experiences which will of course differ from everyone else.

How do you achieve flat deckled edges on handmade paper? 

I honestly cannot tell you how frequently I get asked from stationers and clients on how to feed the handmade papers more smoothly through their (handmade paper compatible) printers. Look no further, I am here to help!

  • Handmade papers are usually stacked so it can form a curved shape on the beautiful deckled edges.

  • The best way to flatten the edge is to use a low temperature hair straightener or if you want to be super extra, using an iron (without steam) on a low temperature setting will work too. 

  • By flattening the edges, it can help feed the handmade paper more smoothly through (handmade paper compatible) printers for digital printing.

  • IMPORTANT INFO & PRO TIP: Regadless of how smooth your handmade paper may be, when you are digitally printing on handmade papers the deckled edges will catch some of the ink making the edges inky. This is normal and unavoidable but a smoother feed is achievable when the deckled edges are flat.

Do you have a video I can refer to?

Absolutely, scroll down to watch the reel! If you watch till the end, you can see the difference. Make sure you bookmark it on Instagram so you can watch it back later. 

I hope this blog post was helpful. Bookmark this blog so you can always come back to it. If you are a stationer or just starting out, give this a try and hopefully you'll find this tip helpful. Please share it with a friend or tag me on Instagram

Much love, Keth ♡


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