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Butterfly Fine Art Vellum Wax Seals

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This is a personal favourite featuring an elegant white butterfly with lotus flowers fine art background. It's an elegant and one-of-a-kind butterfly 25mm vellum wax seal, handmade to order. A beautiful embellishment for the couple with a romantic and fine art wedding theme and or inspiration. ♡ 

Please note that the background of the wax seal is made with different sections where no two seals will be the same.

Fun Fact: Butterflies are exquisite insects that symbolise rebirth and resurrection. A beautiful metaphor for transformation and hope. It also represents new beginnings and endless love.

Wax Seal Info

Our wax seals are all made & pressed by hand in-house and comes with a backing sticker. This double sided adhesive sticker allows you to peel and stick onto just about any surface. It's translucent which is perfect for vellum wax seals.

It’s normal for the wax seals to turn out different from the product images as they are handmade to order. Bubbles may occur when producing the seals which does not affect the quality, functionality and purpose.

Packaging & Care

To ensure the product's safety during transit, it’s protected in a biodegradable glassine bag or box.

Please handle the wax seals with care. Keep away from heat or any sharp items to avoid any possible damage.

Shipping & Returns

Please read over our shipping and returns policy here.

Copyright Notice

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Handmade In-House For You

Our wax seals are made in-house, carefully packed and shipped to you. From our hydrangea vellum wax seals to butterfly wax seals, we pride ourselves of creating elegant embellishments for couples to choose from. If you have a specific design, simply enquire via our chat.

Comes with backing stickers

The double-sided adhesive is easy to use when you are ready. Simply peel and stick to your invites, envelopes and or any stationery projects. If you are a stationer, you may request the stickers to come separately. Kindly let us know beforehand.

The perfect seal

may be right here waiting for you no matter the occasion. We just may have what you are looking for...