Handmade Paper Format

Handmade Paper Format

There is nothing like a handmade paper invitation – no two sheets are the same and it's absolutely "tree free". If you haven't already read my blog about why it's a timeless and eco-friendly choice, you should take a look! 

I know that the biggest thing couples usually struggle with is choosing a size. In my shop, I make it fairly simple for anyone who may be interested. You'll see that save the dates and invitations are always in the same sizes respectively. However, let's dive in a little deeper and see why that is and what size might be perfect for you.

Disclaimer: Like all my blog posts, it is solely for guidance and or reference. 


Handmade Paper Sizes

A5 (148mm by 210mm) 
5x7 (5 by 7 inches)
A6 (105mm by 148mm)

    Handmade Paper Envelope Sizes

    C5 (162mm by 229 mm
    5x7 (5.5 by 7.5 inches)
    C6 (114mm by 162 mm)

      For a visual reference, please see the above image (top to bottom: A5/C5, 5x7/5x7 Envelope & A6/C6). These handmade papers are available in my shop.


      Now that you are a little more familiar with the sizes, let's see which format works best for wedding save the dates, invitations, etc. 

      Save the Dates

      A6 and 5x7 are the most typical sizes for save the dates. I worked on a few client projects with A5 as the preferred size. This comes down to spacing and how much information you may be providing. If you are adding let's say a wax seal and have more than 50 characters to include on the save the date, I would suggest going for 5x7 as it will allow more room. Otherwise, A6 is the perfect size and is also the format of all my semi-custom save the dates are in the wedding shop. C6 envelopes fit A6 which is perfect if you are looking to include an envelope with your save the dates. 

      Detail Cards, RSVPs, etc

      A6 is always the go-to size for detail cards but if there are both details and RSVPs, and the customer loves a layering look (each piece of handmade paper stacked on top of one another) then I would suggest A6 for RSVPs and 5x7 for detail cards. Unless you are working on a fully bespoke (or custom) wedding suite, the sizes may change depending on what your stationer suggests. it's typically A6 and 5x7 are the most typical sizes for detail cards and RSVPs.



      A5 is the most common size but for some projects, I had clients who preferred 5x7 which fits all the information you need (if it's not too wordy). A5 is the perfect size as it gives enough room to include quite a bit of information especially if the couple has long full names and or the parents names are included. It is also big enough to be the foundation of all the additional pieces to be layered on top. A5 fits C5 envelopes which is the perfect addition to match your handmade paper invitations.


      For those who are planning to order wedding stationery from our wedding shop, make sure to read over the product descriptions for more information. If you have any questions regarding the right format for your wedding invitations, pop us a message on the chat icon to your right. 


      Bookmark this blog so you can always come back to it. If you are a stationer or bride-to-be, give this a try and hopefully you'll find this helpful. Please share it with a friend or tag us on Instagram

      Much love, Keth ♡


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