Handmade Paper: A Timeless and Eco-Friendly Choice

Handmade Paper: A Timeless and Eco-Friendly Choice

If you love handmade paper and are familiar with my work, you have definitely come to the right place. So let's discuss what it is, why it's timeless, the benefits and choosing the right handmade paper below.

What is Handmade Paper?

Most handmade paper artisans or craftsmen use traditional techniques to make handmade paper. The process of making handmade paper involves mixing fibres, such as cotton, linen, recycled paper, flax seeds, kozo, linen, dried petals, etc (the list goes on) with water to create a pulp. Modern artisans will then spread the pulp into the water, use sheet moulds to evenly collect the pulp then press on a flat surface to remove the water. Once dried, the results are unique and beautifully textured pieces of paper featuring naturally deckled edges.

The Benefits of Handmade Paper

  1. Eco-Friendly: Handmade paper is "tree-free" and a great alternative to mass-produced paper. As it's made by hand, the process uses fewer chemicals and produces less waste than industrialised methods. Since handmade paper is often made from recycled fibres or materials, it further reduces its impact on the environment making it an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious couples.

  2. Unique: The saying, "no two sheets are the same" is a known fact with handmade paper. Each sheet of paper is unique and features naturally deckled edges. This makes it the perfect choice for couples who desire one-of-a-kind wedding stationery making it extra special for each guest they invite and or personalise for on their wedding day (menus, place cards, etc).

  3. Timeless: A little fun fact! According to Heritage Crafts & Blue Cat Paper, handmade paper and handmade paper making has been around as early as 105 AD. Since it's been around for thousands of years it's safe to say handmade paper has a timeless quality with an ever-lasting style. Modern handmade paper has both classic and elegant looks that become beautiful heirlooms in the years to come.

  4. Personal: For creative couples, customising or making your own handmade paper wedding stationery is a wonderful experience. Creating your own means the textures, colours and sizes are all personalised to fit your wedding aesthetics which adds a personal and meaningful touch to your big day.  

How to Choose Handmade Paper for Your Wedding Stationery

A few things to consider when choosing handmade paper for your wedding stationery:

  1. Texture: Depending on what the handmade paper is made of, it does come in a variety of textures, from degrees of smooth to rough. For a luxurious look, the smooth texture is a perfect match. Otherwise, a slightly rougher texture is more classic chic which may match your wedding style and theme.

  2. Colour: The classic and basic colour would be white which most couples go for. However, handmade paper is available in all types of colours, from natural shades to bold and bright hues. The best way is to choose a colour that complements your wedding theme, colour and or aesthetics.

  3. Weight: The different types of weight really comes down to the printing method you choose for your stationery. For digitally printed stationery, the thinner side of handmade paper works well. As for hot foiling, embossing, debossing or letter-pressing, thicker weights is best suited for the impression it makes on the handmade paper.

    If you find a stationer who has perfected their craft, it's highly recommended to see what they advise for your dream stationery. They can help with whichever weight is necessary for the type of stationery you want to create.

  4. Size: A5, A6, 5x7, etc are very typical sizes but handmade paper also comes in all kinds of sizes even custom! The best way to find out the right size for you is to see which envelope size you are using. This way you can choose a handmade paper size that fits.

I hope this blog post helped gained some insight into handmade paper and its use in wedding stationery. Not only is handmade paper beautiful but an eco-friendly choice that will make a lasting impression on your family, friends and guests. The possibilities are truly endless!

For the creative couples out there, my shop offers a variety of handmade paper sizes for you to perfect your own wedding stationery. Otherwise, you may wish to get in touch for a custom suite or browse available wedding stationery.  

Much love, Keth ♡


Below are some handmade paper stationery made for past clients. If you are on Instagram, you can browse my feed or connect with me as I regularly post updates and or share stationery tips!





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