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Bespoke Silk Ribbons – 7mm by 5 Meters

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This bespoke width is produced in small quantities as it’s handmade to order. I am unable to accommodate larger quantities at this time. 

‣ 7 (+/- 1 to 2mm) Width by 5 Meters Length
‣ Hand spooled with a wooden spool

‣ Handmade to order – sold in small quantities only

‣ Normal for colours to vary slightly from batch to batch

These delicate, soft and beautiful silk ribbons complement your wedding stationery, bouquets, corsages and or creative projects. This ribbon is 100% pure silk, hand-dyed, carefully spooled and handled with care.

Care Instructions

Creasing happens quite easily as these ribbons are delicate. Simply hair straighten or iron it on a low temperature setting and it will fix the creases.

It’s normal for the ribbons to shed a little as the edges are frayed. Carefully cut off the excess threads to stop them from further shedding.

Read our blog on silk ribbon smoothing tips here.

How To Measure

Read our blog on how to measure silk ribbons here.


• Samples, 2.5 meters and 5 meters (only in 15mm width) are wrapped around 300gsm cardstock
• Cut ribbons and 5 meters of 15mm width silk ribbons DO NOT include wooden spool

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Beautifully Handmade

Our silk ribbons are soft, silky and lush. It's the perfect pairing for your wedding stationery, elevating it to a luxurious look and feel. You'll also find the silk ribbons in our wedding stationery such as vow books.

How do I measure silk ribbons?

We know it can be overwhelming figuring out the length you need and how to budget for it. To make it easy for you, we put a blog together with an equation chart for you to reference.


Looking for bespoke width?

The silk ribbons comes in lengths of 2.5 meters and 5 meters, and widths of 15mm and 25mm. If you are looking for a smaller width, simply get in touch by clicking on the chat icon to your right.