A bittersweet story: C&S

A bittersweet story: C&S

During September 2022, I had the pleasure of working with Claudia for her wedding in Santa Barbara, California on December 3, 2022.

The menus featured white hydrangea vellum wax seals with matching place cards. A calligrapher was to handwrite table numbers on A6 white handmade papers and names on place cards.

Once the stationery was completed, packaged and hand-delivered to the courier, it was no longer within my reach or care which made me anxious. But thinking to myself, I haven’t had any courier issues with custom orders (yet).

As days go by, I check the tracking link for updates hoping to see “delivered”. And to my delight it was! Then all of a sudden, I was notified it wasn’t delivered and all the thoughts rushed into my head. I thought of all the hours put into producing my client’s dream stationery that will no longer be part of their big day. It’s now lost and not knowing what happened to it is heartbreaking.

Moving toward, it took 3 months to settle the claim since it was insured with added protection. Without the insurance, it would have been damaging for myself and my client.

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Always insure your stationery! No matter the value, you always need a compensation policy with your postage. If couriers don’t provide it, find a third party that does. To have insurance is to protect both you and your client. I honestly cannot stress this enough.

After the was claim settled, I was able to refund my client. Although it was lost, I was able to share a creative process with her which is bittersweet. 

Much love, Keth ♡



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