Sealing Envelopes: Gummed vs Double Sided Adhesive

Sealing Envelopes: Gummed vs Double Sided Adhesive

Are you sealing your envelopes the traditional way? with saliva, water or some sort of water based technique? There definitely is nothing wrong with that but when it comes to Wedding Stationery, the best and efficient way is to use double sided adhesive tape. Give this blog a little read and it may just change the way you seal your envelopes.

Disclaimer: Like all my blog posts, it is only for guidance or reference. The tips we share are personal experiences which will of course differ from everyone else.

What is the difference between gummed and double sided adhesive?

Envelope gum is usually made of hardened sap found in acacia trees. It could also be made of corn, portato, tapioca, sago and wheat. It comes dry and the sticky consistency is activated by water or liquid substance. However, it may not always stick well which can be problematic when you are sending wedding invitations. 

Double sided adhesives or double sided tapes are sticky on both sides. This makes it perfect for sealing envelopes for wedding stationery. Most of these tapes have a strong bond which can mount to most surfaces such as paper, wood, steel etc. It comes in various degrees, however, the general tapes have a bond that will stick to paper surfaces.  

What's a "tearing experience"?

I couldn't find a word for it but bear with us... Okay, so have you ever tried opening an envelope without a letter knife? It's never that satisfying as it takes too long to open, the envelope edges shreds or tears in odd angles. Sometimes you are left with a horrible looking envelope and didn't intend for it to happen! The double sided adhesive makes it easy for your guests to tear and reseal the envelopes. 

Let's take a look!

The following is an example between sealing the luxury envelope by using water and double sided adhesive. 

Luxury envelope with and without double sided adhesive:

Using a sponge to apply water onto the gummed flap:

Using the double sided adhesive by peeling the backing first:
Envelopes sealed – gummed and double sided adhesive:
How the envelopes look like after tearing it open: 
Left: Double Sided Adhesive | Right: Gummed 
Re-sealing the envelopes: 
Left: Double Sided Adhesive | Right: Gummed 

What a difference right? It's definitely a better "tearing experience" for your guests if you are sending wedding invitations. Just a little tidier and lovelier to hold onto as a keepsake. We love a bit of that aesthetic don't we? <3 

PRO TIP FOR STATIONERS: If you are using a double sided adhesive to seal your client's envelopes, make sure you use a tape gun. It's more efficient than cutting and taping one by one! 

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