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Cream Wax Sticks

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∶∶ ∶∶ 134mm x 10mm x 11mm
∶∶ ∶∶ Pack of 5 / Pack of 10
∶∶ ∶∶ This colour features a gloss-like texture


How many 25mm wax seals can an 11mm wax stick make?
∶∶ ∶∶ 1 wax stick make around 10-15 wax seals
∶∶ ∶∶ 10 wax sticks make around 100 to 150 wax seals

What glue gun works best with these wax sticks?
∶∶ ∶∶ A low-temperature 11mm glue gun is highly recommended

Why do my wax sticks look a little dusty?
∶∶ ∶∶ Not to worry! Wax sticks attract dust so simply wipe them with a dry cloth before use

Can you colour-match for me?
∶∶ ∶∶ Sample cards are available if you are deciding on or trying to colour-match. Screens and product photographs can distort the actual colour due to different devices. This is beyond my control and can only recommend purchasing sample cards first.

Do you offer wholesale?
∶∶ ∶∶ Wholesale is available upon request, find more information here.

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A wonderful collection of wax seal stamps, spoons and warmer the perfect balance between traditional and modern. Beautifully curated for you to start your wax seal journey and #waxsealwednesday !

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