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Dried Baby's Breath (Gypsophila)

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✧ ~ 100 to 120 individual sprigs
✧ Container size: 42 by 70mm  | 1.65  by 2.76 inches
✧ Flower shade, colour, shape and/or size will differ from one another as it's a natural product

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Some helpful information
✧ These are air-dried for 4 to 5 weeks and then carefully sorted by hand-cutting the sprigs from the baby's breath branch individually. 
✧ There are about 100 to 120 sprigs in the container which you can make 100 to 120 wax seals with.
✧ These are the same sprigs used on baby's breath vellum wax seals shown in the product images.
✧ Fun fact: This flower is a symbol of everlasting love and also represents innocence.  Which makes a wonderful flower to include in weddings and/or baby gifts and gifts for new mothers.

Wax seals shown and or any other essentials in product images are not included and are for reference only.

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Packaging & Care

To ensure the product's safety during transit, it’s protected in recycled packaging.

Please handle the dried flower(s) with care and keep away from wet surfaces, heat or any sharp items to avoid any possible damage.

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  • Gypsophila (Baby's Breath)

    Acquired from local English florists and air dried in my studio for 5 weeks. Then sorted by hand into little sprigs, made ready to use for wax sealing and resin art.

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The Perfect Embellishment

Whether you are looking to make your own wax seals with dried flowers or adding final touches. The collection of dried flowers are beautifully curated and ready-to-use for your creative projects.

Got a question about the dried flowers?

Send me a message on the bottom right icon or connect with me on Instagram below. If you are interested in wholesale, please enquire here.